Coronavirus vs Allergies

Coronavirus or Allergies?

We are entering the time when seasonal allergies are on the rise.  My treatments can eliminate your allergies permanently and help you maintain a healthy immune system at a time when we all need as much immune resistance as possible during the pandemic. Let’s talk about the allergy season causing allergy sufferers extra concern due to the conflicting symptoms with COVID.

Allergy vs COVID-19 Symptoms

Most of you with seasonal allergies are familiar with your annual symptoms such as sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat, sinus congestion and sometimes a foggy brain and/or feeling tired.  Those with asthma may also have a cough and shortness of breath.  While some of these may occur with the virus, allergies do not manifest with fever, body aches and pain, moderate to severe sore throat, severe malaise and fatigue and shortness of breath.  For those with asthma, shortness of breath due to COVID-19 will generally not respond well to your usual asthma medications.

Allergy Treatment

This is an ideal time to eliminate allergies for the whole family permanently with my gentle and effective treatment without drugs or shots. You do not need to know what pollens or foods you are allergic to.  Tree pollens are out in force right now, including our ubiquitous Douglas fir trees.  I have compressive test kits and can perform an accurate, painless and non-invasive test without side effects from skin scratch testing. Please visit the Allergy Relief page on the Soaring Crane Acupuncture website for more information.