Ergonomic Workspace

Create an Ergonomic Workspace in Your Home

Ergonomic is defined as “relating to or designed for comfort and efficiency in the working environment.”  The idea is to improve productivity and comfort by applying design concepts that reduce chronic strain and the risk of injuries.  With COVID-19 and the necessity of working from home people are discovering that their home office space, or dining table, is not comfortable and causes aches and pains when used for many hours per day.  

I am seeing many people with injuries resulting from chronic musculoskeletal strain that is aggravated by improper support from seating, poor lighting, repetitive motions, and improper positioning of keyboards and monitors.  This is an area of special interest for me and I offer effective treatment for musculoskeletal problems, headaches, pain and stiffness resulting from chronic strain and injuries as well as guidance on how to apply ergonomic concepts in your workspace whether at home or at your place of work.


  • Don’t rely on websites alone to choose office chairs. I have checked out chairs advertised online as being supportive and comfortable and they turned out to be neither when I sat on them in the store.  Let your butt and back decide, not the cheap price online or the cool looks.
  • Like your mother said, “Don’t slouch!”  This stresses the low back and gluteal muscles.
  • The same principles for comfort and to reduce stress apply to your leisure seating as well.
  • Choose computer monitors that are large enough and have a high definition screen to reduce eye fatigue.  Have adequate lighting in the room, preferably lamps providing local light and not overhead fluorescents that promote eye strain due to glare and a lack of contrast. Monitor and keyboard position and height is important as well.
  • Stretch and move about frequently to keep muscles loose and improve circulation. 

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Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine for Viral Infections

No herbal or other natural medicines have been tested or approved in the United States with respect to treating or preventing COVID-19 infection. Chinese medicine has been successfully treating people with infectious diseases for thousands of years, long before anyone knew about viruses or bacteria. Based on research in China and Europe as well as my own experience, acupuncture combined with anti-viral herbal remedies has proven effective at preventing the on-set of infection, minimizing symptoms, and speeding recovery from colds and the flu.

Acupuncture can be used to help balance and enhance the immune system, making it stronger to reduce the chances of becoming ill with a virus. It is beneficial even if you are feeling well to strengthen your immune resistance, and can be especially helpful for those who have underlying problems, high stress and fatigue. If you believe you are becoming ill with or have been exposed to influenza or another infection it is best to remain home to avoid spreading the infection. The herbal medicines described below can be taken at home.

Chinese herbal medicines have been used for over 2000 years to both prevent and treat viral diseases and other infections. Many formulas have been updated to optimize response to modern diseases. They have proven effective in research in China, and in my own clinical experience, for treating the flu and other infections, and can be used prophylactically to help prevent illness especially if exposed during airplane travel, at work, school, or when a family member brings a virus home. The herbal remedies are also effective at treating active infections, and can help resolve the infection more quickly.

German biological medicines have been developed by researchers in Germany to treat a wide range of conditions including viral diseases. They utilize plant and microbial substances in unique combinations and are based on extensive laboratory and clinical research. In my clinical experience they are extremely effective at preventing and treating viral and bacterial diseases for many conditions. I am seeing excellent results with these medicines, and use them independently or in combination with Chinese herbal formulas as an amazing “work horse” against respiratory disease.

Choosing the right formulas is most effective when done by a trained practitioner based on the health and symptoms of each individual. I can provide you with instructions on how to use them for both prevention and treatment should you become ill. Phone consultations are available. If you are sick please arrange to have a family member or Lyft/ Uber pick up the remedies.

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