Ergonomic Workspace

Create an Ergonomic Workspace in Your Home

Ergonomic is defined as “relating to or designed for comfort and efficiency in the working environment.”  The idea is to improve productivity and comfort by applying design concepts that reduce chronic strain and the risk of injuries.  With COVID-19 and the necessity of working from home people are discovering that their…

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Allergies – What Are Your Treatment Options?

Introduction – From the point of view of conventional Western medicine allergies and sensitivities can be controlled to reduce their symptoms but generally cannot be eliminated. For those who come from backgrounds in both Eastern and Western approaches that view the individual as a mixture mind/body/spirit and explore the effects…

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Allergies – How Are They Diagnosed?

Sometimes it is easy to know to what substances you are allergic or sensitive. You get a rash every time you eat strawberries or have sneezing and itchy eyes every spring when a certain tree pollinates. But often it can be difficult to know exactly what your allergens are as…

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Allergies – Why Do We Get Them?

Right at the outset it must be said that for many people there are multiple factors that contribute to the development of an allergy or sensitivity to a substance. Please see the blog post “Allergies – An Introduction” for the definitions of allergies, sensitivities and intolerances. The causes described below…

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Allergies – An Introduction

Allergies can be mild annoyances that occur only occasionally or they can be severe, even life threatening, and dominate our daily lives. And just to make it more interesting, some allergies cause chronic problems that are not always easy to connect with the offending substance(s). Let’s understand the terminology. Allergy:…

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Coronavirus vs Allergies

Coronavirus or Allergies?

We are entering the time when seasonal allergies are on the rise.  My treatments can eliminate your allergies permanently and help you maintain a healthy immune system at a time when we all need as much immune resistance as possible during the pandemic. Let’s talk about the allergy season causing…

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A Message From Our Clinic About COVID-19

At Soaring Crane Acupuncture we continue to monitor and take precautions in view of the COVID-19 virus. We recognize how important it is for you to take care of your health during this difficult time and we will support you. We have continued intensive cleaning of all high touch surfaces…

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