Allergy Treatment

Freedom from Allergies with N.A.E.T.

boy_allergy_treatmentEliminate food, pollen, dust, and pet allergies with Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique, NAET. This technique utilizes acupuncture (or acupressure) with kinesiology to eliminate allergy reactions to many common allergens.

Based on the ancient theories of Chinese Medicine which consider the body to consist of more than just matter (cells, muscles, organs), but also of electromagnetic energy know as Qi. When the body comes into contact with an allergen that has its own electromagnetic Qi signature it triggers an immune response. This leads to stagnation in specific organs as well as their meridians, and causes a physiological change that results in an allergic reaction.


NAET-muscle-testingHow Are Allergies Tested?

NAET allergies are tested using a kinesiology muscle response test while the patient is holding a sample of a potential allergen. If the patient is allergic to the substance being tested she/he no matter their strength, their muscle will weaken and they will be unable to hold their arm in the testing position. There are no needles or pain involved in the testing process.


What is Involved in the N.A.E.T. Treatment?

To treat a positive tested allergen the patient is given a vial of that allergen to hold while the practitioner lightly taps the spine in a specific sequencing. This stimulates the nervous system which sends an electromagnetic message to the immune system that the substance being held is not a threat to the body and desensitization occurs. Following desensitization, acupuncture, or acupressure, is performed while the patient continues holding the allergy vials to clear the meridian systems of blockages associated with the allergen.


How Many Treatments will I need?

Generally most patients need only one treatment per allergen. However, depending on the severity or how extensive it interrupts both the immune and energetic system it may take a few treatments to clear each allergen.



BlossomSquareI am extremely happy and amazed with the allergy relief my son has experienced after being treated by Amarkuar.  He has spent many past seasons miserable from tree and grass pollen allergies that interfered with his ability to play and enjoy baseball. But since seeing Amarkuar for NAET, his allergy symptoms are completely gone. And the relief was noticeable after the first treatment! All of my children, as well as myself, have been treated by Amarkuar for various reasons and all the results have been fantastic. She is a wealth of knowledge and has a wonderful bedside manner, especially with children. I can’t recommend her highly enough. ~Keri D.

BlossomSquareMy daughter has struggled with food intolerance’s since the young age of 2. She is now 9. Her intolerance’s result in constipation and extreme eczema around her eyes and face.  We worked very hard to avoid all of the foods we believed to be the cause but still her most recent flare up was relentless. All previous resources helped to heal the body but not prevent the outbreaks. We have been to doctors, nutritionist and naturopaths.  
When we heard of Soaring Crane Acupuncture, and Amarkaurs’ ability to reduce or eliminate her intolerance’s we were excited and yet skeptical. My daughter was being teased and ready to try anything new including Acupuncture. 
Upon our first visit we learned from Amarkaur’s testing that my daughter had additional intolerance’s we were not aware of. We created a plan of balancing her body allowing her to heal and eat foods she had so missed. With every treatment my daughters eyes and skin looked better. Within two months my daughter looked and felt normal again. Her eczema was gone and she was reintroducing  foods that we had eliminated from her diet with zero sign of a reaction. One month later she is enjoying eating out and going to parties where she can participate without packing her own meal. She feels great and looks great. We are very grateful to Amarkaur and her ability to reset my daughters system. Thank you. ~Becky

TeddyB & Taylor“N.A.E.T. literally changed my life. Since childhood I’ve been plagued with chemical sensitivities, and could not live a normal life. I went to many doctors and nothing has had such profound results as N.A.E.T. Now I am able to do everyday activities with no ill effect.” — Jeff K.

“My child suffered asthma caused by food allergies, after N.A.E.T., she no longer uses her inhaler.” — Mary Jane S. “Since N.A.E.T. my child no longer suffers from eczema and hay fever.” — J Nugent

“I skeptically tried N.A.E.T. for my wheat allergy, and much to my amazement I am now enjoying bread & pizza with my children.” — Scott C.